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Mercedes Benz e550 Convertible



Seats 4
Luggage Capacity 1-2
Doors 2
Transmission 7 Speed Automatic
Engine 4.6 LITER V8 Biturbo
Horsepower 402
Vehicle Type Convertible
Acceleration (0-60mph) 5.0 Seconds
Top Speed 150mph
MSRP $74,595


  • GPS Navigation System
  • Heated Seats
  • Power Seats
  • Premium Sound System
  • Leather Interior
  • Power Convertible Top
  • iPod Connectivity
  • CD Player
  • Power Convertible
  • Cruise Control
  • Mercedes AirCAP Technology
  • Mercedes AIRSCARF Technology


Mercedes E Class Convertible


Mercedes AIRCAP



2011 Mercedes E Class Convertible


2011 Mercedes E550 Cabriolet Specs


2011 Mercedes E550 Cabriolet Reviews


2011 Mercedes E550 Cabriolet




2011 Mercedes E550 Features


Mercedes E550 Cabriolet Specs


Mercedes E550 Convertible Features


Mercedes E550 Convertible for Rent


Mercedes E550 Cabriolet


Mercedes E550 Convertible Pictures


Mercedes E550 Convertible


Mercedes E550 for Sale


Mercedes E550 Deals


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Mercedes E550 Reviews


Mercedes E550 Roadster


Test Drive the New Mercedes E550

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Mercedes E550 Deals   Mercedes E550 Specs

Why Choose the Mercedes E550 Cabriolet as Your Luxury Convertible Rental in California, Nevada, or Arizona?


The 2011 Mercedes E550 Cabriolet is the newest luxury convertible for rent by Mercedes-Benz.  This makes for a luxurious Convertible rental. This Beautiful Cabriolet has the practicality and luxury of a 4 door sedan, with the Sporty-ness and Power of a Sports car Rental. The Mercedes E550 also has many innovative features that help make it one of the Best luxury car rentals on the market. LA Luxury Car Rental will be glad to deliver our new Mercedes E550 to  you in any city within California, Nevada, and Arizona. Rent the Mercedes E550 Cabriolet for a Luxury Car  Rental experience you are guaranteed to remember.

                The Mercedes E550 Convertible is powered by a massive 5.5 Liter 8 Cylinder Engine. It produces 382 Horsepower and will hurl its renter from 0-60 mph in a short 4.6 seconds. The New Mercedes Convertible completes the quarter mile in only 13.2 seconds reaching 107 mph! When you rent the Mercedes E550 Cabriolet, you will not be short of torque, and power at any gear. Enjoy driving this Luxurious Convertible whether you are cruising down the coast, or enjoying the lights at the Las Vegas Strip.  The power and engine isn't the only thing that makes the Mercedes E550 a great choice amongst all the luxury cars for rent that we offer.

                The New E550 Convertible comes with so many great features it is sure to impress its renter. First off our E550 is equipped with the most advanced GPS Navigation System that Mercedes-Benz has to offer. 40 GB of Map Data, and Points of interest means that this luxury car rental will give its renter full turn-by-turn directions along with voice guidance. With the E-Class's massive points of interest database, finding the nearest Cheesecake Factory, or Starbucks is a Breeze. Our E550 is Equipped with iPod Integration which will flawlessly take over your iPod or iPhone and allow renters to enjoy their music playlist through the E-Class's 500 WATT Harmon Kardon Premium Sound System.  The Newest Features, exclusive to the Mercedes E-Class Convertibles, are AirCAP, and AirSCARF. AirSCARF is an amazing, Mercedes Exclusive Technology that  provides renters with heater vents that blow warm air into the necks of the driver and passenger creating a warm sensation throughout your entire body. AirSCARF makes it possible for our renters to get the most out of their luxury convertible rentals because they can enjoy the top open even in chilly weather. AirCAP is another amazing Mercedes exclusive Technology that eliminates Drafts while you have the top down. AirCAP completely eliminates wind inside the cabin allowing the renter to enjoy having the top open even at highway speeds and enjoy a calm, wind noise free cabin.  When looking for a Luxury Convertible or Exotic Convertible for rent, there are many Convertibles rentals out there, but none as luxurious as the Mercedes E550. Choose the Mercedes E550 Convertible as your Luxury Car Rental in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, or any city in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

                La Luxury Car Rental is proud to offer our renters the newest Mercedes E550 Convertible for Rent. Also we feel to best enjoy a Luxury Car Rental, it has to be well equipped. Our E-Class Rental is fully loaded with features and technologies that will make it a memorable experience. Enjoy our E550  and our VIP Service. Have your Mercedes Convertible Rental delivered to you in Los Angeles and picked up from you in San Francisco. Anything is possible with LA Luxury Car Rental! Book now and start your Luxury Car Rental experience.




What The Mercedes E550 Cabriolet has to offer as your Luxury Convertible Rental?


         Engine- The New E550 for rent comes with a massive 5.5 Liter V8 Engine producing 382 horsepower. Your Mercedes E550 Rental will get you from 0-60 Miles per hour in 4.6 seconds.

    GPS Navigation System- Our E550 is fitted with Mercedes' most advanced GPS Navigation System yet. This Navigation System includes 40GB of Map data, points of interest data, meaning that you will get accurate turn by turn directions, voice guidance, and finding your favorite restaurant, a Hotel, or even an attraction will be just clicks away.

    Heated Seats- Our Mercedes E550 cabriolet offers Heated Seats. Enjoy having the top down even when its cold with the warmth of heated seats.

    Ventilated Seats- This E550 Convertible Rental comes with ventilated seats. This feature blows cool air from inside the entire driver and passenger seats keeping them cool and comfortable in warmer weather.

    Mercedes AirSCARF Technology- AirSCARF is a Mercedes Exclusive Technology and LA Luxury Car Rental's E550 is equipped with it. Our Renters will enjoy AirSCARF. This feature blows warm air into the neck of the driver and passenger creating a comfortable warming feeling throughout their entire bodies. AirSCARF allows our renters to enjoy having the top down in colder weather. Get the most out of your convertible rental.

    Mercedes AirCAP Technology- This is a Mercedes Exclusive Technology that is included when you rent an E550 from LA Luxury Car Rental. AirCAP almost eliminates all wind draft and wind noise when driving with the top down even at highway speeds. AirCAP is not offered by any other makes.

    iPod Integration- The Mercedes E550 includes iPod Integration which allows La Luxury Car Rental's renters to connect their iPods or iPhones to the car and play music through the Harmon Kardon Sound System. Take your favorite music with you withour carrying cds

    Cruise Control- Mercedes offers its very advanced cruise control on this E550. Cruise Control will allow renters to sustain a steady speed without pressing the accelerator. Cruise Control is perfect for a long drive.

    Harmon Kardon Premium Sound System- This E550 rental includes a 500 WATT Harmon Kardon Premium Sound System making listening to music fun and High Definition even when you have the top open or windows down

    Satellite Radio- LA Luxury Car Rental's E550 includes Satellite Radio which offers you many great Radio Stations wherever you are in perfect quality.

    Sports Package- Our E550 is more stylish than most because of its sports package. Sports Package includes  AMG Wheels, the option to adjust the suspension settings from inside the car, and the gorgeous sports steering wheel.

    Power Convertible Top- The Mercedes E-Class Convertible for Rent, features a 3 layer Full Power Softop which comes up and down in 20 seconds. When the top is down our renters can enjoy the beautiful breeze and enjoy the smell of the ocean, driving down the coast. When the top is up, the E550 rental promises the renter will feel like they're in a coupe. The 3 Layer top keeps wind and road noise to a minimum.

Climate Control- La Luxury Car Rental's E550 includes a very advanced Climate control feature which enables the renter to adjust the cabin to a specific temperature and the car quickly works to make the cabin that temperature.




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