BMW M6 Convertible

MSRP ($)


Acceleration (0-60mph)

Top Speed (mph)




Rear Wheel Drive


USB, CD, Radio

  • 2015 Model
  • 7 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 4.4L TwinTurbo V8
  • 4 Seats
  • 2 Doors
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Premium Sound System
  • Power Convertible Top
  • GPS Navigation System
  • iPod Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Rear View Camera
  • Park Distance Control
  • Heads up Display
  • Cruise Control
  • Leather Interior
  • Power Seats
  • Premium Sound
  • Ventilated Seats
  • Active Blind Spot Detection
  • M Package

BMW M6 Rental

LA Luxury Car Rental offers the BMW M6 Convertible as one of our Exotic Convertibles or rent. The BMW M6 is unique as its a high performance luxury convertible, with many comfort features, a massive engine, and a sleek sexy look. The M6 out handles most cars in its class, while maintaining a level of comfort and prestige, making it an excellent choice when looking for a sports car rental,. Whether you are thinking about cruising down the coast, or just driving around in LA, the BMW M6 will work for you.

                Firstly, the BMW M6 is part of BMW’s “M” division which is the high performance side of BMW. The M6 is basically a normal 650, which was taken and converted into a beast by the ‘M’ engineers. The BMW 6 Series engine, suspension, body, and interior have all been modified for the M6. The BMW M6 looks much sportier than a regular BMW 6 Series because of its unique front and rear bumpers. These bumpers look amazing but also increase the M6′ aerodynamics and handling. The M6 also has 4 outlet exhaust system, bigger and wider wheels, and different side mirrors. The M6 is an amazing Luxury rent a car.

                The M6 is loaded with features and has a unique interior also. A full eather dash makes it different from a regular 6 Series. and LA Luxury Car Rental makes sure that our clients get to experience all the amazing feature this car has to offer, therefore this M6 rental is loaded with additional features. The M6 has a Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Seats, a Heads up Display, DVD Navigation System, adn a Premium Sound System to name a few. The M6 has a very comfortable, roomy cabin making it an ideal convertible rental for more than 2 passengers. The ride is gentle and soft compared to most sports car rentals and the M6 is still a rush for its driver. With the M6’s Navigation System you are sure to arrive on time, catch the least amount of traffic possible, and never get lost. Enjoy your favorite music from your iPod through the cars premium sound system and iPod integration.  

                Under the hood of this Luxury car rental is a 5.0 Liter V10 Engine generating a monstrous 500 horsepower.  On the steering wheel of the M6 is an ‘M’ button which gives renters the option to shut off 2 cylinders taking the car to 400 horsepower. LA Luxury Car Rental’s M6 includes a 7 Speed Sequential Manual Gearbox. This Transmission allows renters to enjoy a manual feel without a clutch. SMG shifts significantly faster than a standard manual transmission and makes driving the M6 and experience rather than just a drive. Our M6 offers renters 3 Different Suspension settings called EDC, giving drivers of this car the ability to customize the ride height and handling.

                The BMW M6 is an excellent choice for your luxury car rental. It is a Convertible that will seat 4 comfortably. It has many luxury feature to ensure a pleasurable drive even if its long distance. The M6 still manages to keep its driver exhilarated because of its amazing performance and power. Choose the M6 for your convertible rental and you will have an experience that you will remember. La Luxury Car Rental will deliver your M6 Rental to you anywhere in California, Nevada, or Arizona. We offer the newest possible M6 with all the best luxury options. Book now and start your Luxury Car Rental experience!

What Features you Will Enjoy When you Hire a BMW M6 Convertible

Power Seats- The BMW M6 offered for rent by LA Luxury Car Rental includes 14 Way Power seats with Lumbar Support. The M6 offers seat that are among the most comfortable in the industry. They Are full leather and provide enough comfort for renters to enjoy long drives without fatigue.

Run Flat Tires- LA Luxury Car Rental’s BMW M6 features Run Flat Tires. These tires are a fairly new technology that enable renters to carry on driving for a short while if the tire ges flat. They will give you enough distance to get you to a safe place rather than being stranded on the road or have to change to a spare tire on your own.

Heated Seats- When you rent a BMW M6 Convertible from LA Luxury Car Rental, you will enjoy Heated Seats. Heated Seats is a feature that enables renters to enjoy having the top down in cold chilly weather. When turned on they warm the driver and passenger seats. 

Rain Sensing Wipers- The M6 Convertible is fitted with Rain Sensing wipers which will turn at an appropriate speed the moment in starts raining. The wiper speed will automatically adjust for the amount of rain.

Power Convertible Top- La Luxury Car Rental’s BMW M6 Convertible is fitted with a Power Convertible top that will go down and stow in about 25 Seconds. The M6 top can be used at speeds of upto 30 MPH.

Engine Specs- The 2010 BMW M6 Convertible is equipped with a massive 5.0 Liter V10 Engine producing 500 Horsepower. This car will accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 4.6 seconds and hit a limited top speed of 155MPH.

EDC- EDC is a feature exclusive to BMW’ M line. This unique feature allows renters to lower and stiffen the suspension for better handling around corners. The Driver has to just touch a button and the down force of the M6 will immediately increase and the Corners will be a breeze. EDC has 3 different settings for more choice when it comes to the M6’s amazing handling.

Tire Pressure Moniter- LA Luxury Car Rental’s BMW M6 is equipped with TPM. TPM keeps a track of the pressures in all 4 tires so that our renters dont have to.

Heads up Display- The BMW M6 Rental includes Heads-up Display. This is a rare feature that displays the vehicles speed, and navigation on the windshield. This feature is extremely convenient enabling the driver to always be looking at the road.

iPod Integration- The BMW M6 Convertible Rental offers iPod Integration which allows renters to connect their iPod or iPhone to the car and play their favorite music through the speakers of the car.

Heated Steering Wheel- Heated Steering Wheel is a Luxury feature that is included when you hire an M6 from LA Luxury Car Rental. Heated steering wheel enables renters to enjoy the convertible top more even in chill weather.

Bluetooth- La Luxury Car Rental’s M6 includes Bluetooth integration. This feature allows renters to connect their cellphone to the car and speak hands free through the speakers and mic inside the car.

Premium Sound System- The BMW M6 Convertible is loaded with a Premium Sound System by BMW themselves. This Sound system uses Logic 7 Surround Sound technology and works amazing even with the top down. Enjoy music through this great sound system from your iPod, or the 6 Disc CD Changer.

Navigation System- The BMW M6 includes a new Hard Drive Based Navigation System that offers turn-by-turn voice guided directions. The 2010 BMW M6 also provides real time traffic updates and Points of interest. La Luxury Car Rental’s loaded M6 ensurs that you will get to your destination as fast as possible.

Climate Control- Rent a BMW M6 from La Luxury Car Rental and you get Dual Climate Control which allows renters to set the temperature according to their preference and the car will automatically adjust fan speed and air temperature to ensure that the cabin is quickly that temperature.

Park Distance Control- With PDC, it is a breeze to park your M6 Rental even in congested areas or small spots as the M6 will warn you when you are getting too close to another vehicle or object.

Cruise Control- Cruise Control is a feature that allows you to sustain an even speed for long drives. Cruise Control is offered with your BMW M6 for rent.

Real Time Traffic Information- The BMW M6’s Navigation System is equipped with real time traffic. This car will notify you of traffic congestion along your route and the quickest, simplest way to avoid it. Arrive on Time and with the least traffic possible with a BMW M6 Rental.

SMG Transmission- La Luxury Car Rental’s BMW M6 Convertible is equipped with a Sequential Manual Gearbox or SMG. SMG is basically an Automated manual transmission. SMG shifts faster than a conventional manual transmission and offers 7 Speeds instead of 6. SMG makes the BMW M6 Convertible more than just a luxury convertible for rent, it makes it an experience.