BMW X6 xDrive35i

MSRP ($)


Acceleration (0-60mph)

Top Speed (mph)




4 Wheel Drive


USB, CD, Radio

  • 2015 Model
  • 8 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 3.0L Turbo V6
  • 5 Seats
  • 4 Doors
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Premium Sound System
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • GPS Navigation System
  • iPod Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Rear View Camera
  • Park Distance Control
  • Heads up Display
  • Cruise Control
  • Leather Interior
  • Power Seats
  • Premium Sound
  • Ventilated Seats
  • Active Blind Spot Detection
  • M Package

Why Rent the New BMW X6 xDrive35i as your Luxury SUV Rental

When There’s a new car in town, everyone wants first crack at it. When the new car is a BMW, The fact that it’s the ultimate driving machine comes to play. The new BMW X6 sport is the new hot cross over in town. Being a sports activity vehicle, the X6 is an SUV with the drive of a straight up road car. The X6 is an experience that no driver should be short of. While it maintains the height, and comfort of an SUV, it also keeps the sportiness and specs of a regular road car. The X6 maintains BMW’s high standard of luxury by putting in a full leather interior, climate control, and heated seats. It also comes with great convenience features like ipod integration, and Bluetooth. It also comes with BMW’s amazing satellite GPS navigation with live traffic updates, and park distance control. The X6 has great features but in the end of the day it still has to keep BMW’s reputation of being the ultimate driving machine, so the X6 gets its driver up to speed with its exceptionally powerful 4.4 Liter V8 Turbocharged engine. The engine provides 400 horsepower to the car and is capable of getting its driver up to 60 mph in less than 5.4 seconds. No other car in its class is capable of such a time. The X6 also has amazing handling like a true BMW, due to its amazing suspension and huge tire specs! If you’re interested in trying an amazing car, the X6 is your way to go, and LA Luxury Car Rental is the place to start your BMW X6 Rental.

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Features you will enjoy when renting the New BMW X6 xDrive35i from LA Luxury Car Rental

Exterior Design- There are SUVs and there are coupés. But there is only one BMW X6. This vehicle is like no other. It unites apparent contrasts, such as size and agility or sporting character and elegance. It is a sports car that also feels at home off the road. A coupé and an SUV in one Its design language reads like a set of instructions for being out of the ordinary. This is why BMW has created a separate vehicle category for the BMW X6: the Sports Activity Coupé. These three words contain everything that makes the new BMW X6 so special and also reflect what you see at first sight. It is more dynamic, more versatile, more majestic – in short: unique! Enjoy the Stunning Exterior Design of La Luxury Car Rental’s BMW X6 xDrive35i. Interior design- LA Luxury Car Rental’s New BMW X6 features a stunning interior. The difference between the new BMW X6 and a coupé is not just the four doors. Behind these doors is a generous interior that now offers space for up to five people. And in terms of comfort and quality, too, the interior of the Sports Activity Coupé is anything but modest. The design underlines its sporting character and offers you a lot of freedom in the choice of upholstery, colors and interior trim strips. With its variable rear seat bench with seating for up to three people and the generous luggage space, the BMW X6 shows that it is ideal for everyday use. It’s just more luxurious than other vehicles. On the inside, the focus is clearly on the driver. Directly behind the leather sports steering wheel are the multifunction keys and the shift paddles of the 8-speed sports automatic transmission. As in the motorsport world, this allows you to change gear without removing your hands from the steering wheel. Important vehicle functions are shown in the ideally positioned Control Display. The top-class view in the raised seating position is further enhanced by the optional BMW Head-Up Display. It projects all the relevant information directly into the driver’s field of vision, allowing full concentration on the road ahead. Engine Specifications- With a powerful BMW straight six-cylinder petrol engine, which combines a turbocharger with high-Precision Injection, the new BMW X6 xDrive35i accelerates from a standing start to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds. A spontaneous response, smooth running and 400 Nm torque characterizes this award-winning engine, which offers 225 kW (306 hp) of power and a displacement of 3.0 litres. This intelligent technology packet reduces average fuel consumption significantly to 10.1 l/100 km or 23miles per gallon. The engines of the BMW X6 are not only amongst the sportiest in the world, they are the most efficient – thanks to a large number of innovative technologies. The result is greater power and lower consumption. Transmission Specifications- The most comfortable way to save: the eight-speed automatic transmission not only ensures extra-smooth gear changes and reduces background noise at high speeds, but also significantly reduces fuel consumption. Only the rev counter will reveal how fast and seamlessly the optional eight-speed automatic transmission changes gear. The individual gears are finely graduated so that the change from third to fourth gear, for example, involves a smaller rev interval for the engine and the transmission process itself takes place almost imperceptibly. At the same time, the engine is always held at the performance level at which it can optimally use its strength and efficiency. The eighth gear reduces the number of revolutions at high speeds, thus lowering fuel consumption and engine noise. The system is supported by the newly developed and more efficient converter clutch – even when you switch to manual gear change. Camera System- A clear view in unclear situations with innovations from BMW: up to five cameras give the BMW X6 a clear view of any situation. The Rear View camera with Top View provides welcome support when parking. Interactive lane lines in the image of the Rear View Camera inform the driver whether or not the parking space is large enough. The zoom function allows you to adjust the image so that you can attach a trailer to the tow bar without the need for further assistance. Top View cameras in the exterior mirrors produce data which, together with those from the Rear View Camera, are converted into one image by the electronics system that shows the new BMW X6 and its surroundings from a bird’s-eye view of 270 degrees. Whether you are entering or leaving a parking space, carrying out every maneuver is simple and safe. The Side View special equipment includes additional cameras. Two side view cameras in the front bumper are aligned to the left and right. Both images are shown simultaneously on the Control Display so that no road user goes unnoticed, even at exits with poor visibility. Side View is available exclusively in connection with the special equipment Rear View Camera with Top View which is an option you will find equipped in the BMW if you rent from LA Luxury Car Rental Navigation- LA Luxury Car Rental’s New BMW X6 xDrive35i features a Hard Drive Based navigation System with a massive Points of Interest Database offering our clients Realtime Traffic Information, Turn by Turn Voice Guidance, and User Friendliness for Anyone. This Advanced Navigation System makes it easy for you to find the nearest restaurant or shopping center and get you there efficiently. Side View- How often have you wished you could take a look around the corner when you’re sitting behind the wheel? Probably in every situation in which your vision has been limited, and you’ve had to creep forward at a snail’s pace into uncertain parts of a road. But things can be so much easier and safer: thanks to Side View from BMW Connected Drive. See what’s coming in advance: with Side View, your BMW always has its eyes open for cross traffic at blind crossings or exit roads, even when your view of the situation is obscured. A glance at the Control Display is enough – it shows you a video display of what the cameras built in to the right and left of your front bumper of your BMW can see. With the help of guidance lines, Side View also shows you the precise position of the front end of your vehicle. The simultaneous views of both traffic directions on the Control Display lets you assess the situation immediately. Even when you’re in motion, if need be, because Side View can also be activated at speeds of up to 15 km/h. Just the press of a button puts you in the picture: with BMW ConnectedDrive. iPod Connection- When you Rent a BMW X6 xDrive35i from LA Luxury Car Rental, you can enjoy Seamless iPod Connectivity through the USSB port and included iPod/iPhone cable. See your album art on the Connected Drive Screen or stream internet Radio. enjoy your own personal customized sound through the cars exceptional sound system. Rear View Camera- Take a look all around you from the comfort of the driver’s seat: your BMW’s Rear View Camera shows you exactly what’s behind your BMW. So you’ll never overlook anything again. How often have you asked yourself just how much room there is to maneuver behind your car when parking or backing up? Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive, you know it even before you put your car into reverse gear – as soon as the Rear View Camera shows you a precise video view of what is usually hidden from your eyes. Integrated in the grip of the boot lid, its wide-angle lens shows you a detailed, full-color and perspective-corrected view of every obstacle behind your BMW on your Control Display. By the way, it’s also a great help when reversing to hitch up to your trailer: a special zoom mode places the position of your trailer hitch precisely in the field of view, and makes the coupling process as easy as can be. A forward-looking innovation that lets you see what’s behind you: the Rear View Camera from BMW Connected Drive. Heads-up Display- You’re driving at 60 mp/h on the freeway, and you glance at the speedometer to check your speed. Of course, it was only a quick look – but, in reality, you just drove less than 30 meters without seeing the road ahead. A lot can happen within 30 meters. Unless you have an eye on everything at the same time: like you can with the Head-Up Display from BMW ConnectedDrive. Your BMW doesn’t have wings, and it can’t get you where you are going at supersonic speeds. Nevertheless, your cockpit has something that jet pilots have in front of them every day: a Head-Up Display that shows you all the essential information in your direct line of sight. Speed, navigation, collision warning and control messages: while you keep your eyes on the road, all relevant driving information are displayed on your windscreen by optical projection. This is not only particularly easy to read but, in most BMW models, also in full color. The virtual image of the Head-Up Display is projected onto the windscreen in a format of approx. 18 × 10 cm in the lower section of your field of view – for you, as an observer, the information displayed appears to hover over the bonnet. Of course, all details are perfectly visible under all lighting conditions and can be adjusted to a height to suit your particular need as well as the brightness can be adjusted too. A piece of technology that guarantees significantly increased safety on the road. What’s more, as your eyes no longer have to adjust from close to distance viewing, it also cuts down driving stress and ensures a much more comfortable drive. Stay eye to eye with every situation: with the Head-Up Display from BMW ConnectedDrive. Lane Departure Warning- Nobody can avoid being distracted for a moment every now and again. It can happen behind the wheel, too – with drastic results. So, on long and tiring journeys, Lane Departure Warning from BMW Connected Drive makes sure you only leave the lane you are in when you really want to. Keep your eye on where you are going and stay in lane: because, the higher your speed, the more important it is to react quickly. When you are cruising at 65 mp/h on the freeway, BMW Lane Departure Warning is an enormous help. As soon as you drive over the lane markings at the left and right without activating your indicators, the camera-based system cuts in to warn you with a gentle vibration of your steering wheel. And makes sure you react in time to reduce the risk of accidents. You remain completely in charge of your destination. But your BMW rental can take charge of the course, if you wish. Blind Spot Detection- Lane Change Warning from BMW ConnectedDrive keeps a wary eye on what’s going on behind you. And lets you know when there’s a vehicle in the neighboring lane. A look in the side mirror before changing lanes is second nature to every driver. However, when another vehicle is approaching at a high speed from behind or is invisible in your blind spot, it is often difficult to assess the situation correctly and the potential risks it involves. The radar sensors of BMW ConnectedDrive keep a safe eye on the road and traffic behind your BMW – and warn you with a symbol in your side mirror. If you activate your indicators anyway, the wheel of your BMW begins to vibrate gently and the symbol in the side mirror begins to flash. It sees what you cannot see: Lane Change Warning from BMW ConnectedDrive. High Beam Assistant- How often do you actually use your high-beam lights? Probably a lot less than is really necessary. Despite the fact that there’s a technology that avoids you always having to dip your headlights for oncoming traffic. And, when vision is poor, it even decides when you need more light than usual: the High-Beam Assistant from BMW ConnectedDrive. More light means more safety. The High-Beam Assistant from BMW ConnectedDrive automatically takes care of switching between high and low beam when you’re driving your BMW at night. The camera installed close to your rear-view mirror monitors the traffic situation and reacts immediately to potential light sources at distances of up to 1,000 meters. When the High-Beam Assistant is activated and recognizes an approaching vehicle or the rear lights of the vehicle ahead, the system automatically switches your headlights to low beam and back to high beam when the situation permits. Even safer is driving at night with the glare-free High-Beam Assistant in combination with the special equipment Adaptive Headlights. The innovative feature from BMW ConnectedDrive guarantees ideal visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers. The system avoids dipping the headlights altogether and allows for a more effective lasting high beam. Other drivers are “blanked out” and not disturbed by the light. Headlight ranges in excess of 400 meters guarantee early detection of hazards and better guidance. Speed Limit Information- It’s known that traffic regulations are there to be observed by everyone. Nevertheless, it can still happen that you overlook a sign and inadvertently drive too fast. So it’s good when somebody tells you in good time. Either one of your passengers – or Speed Limit Info. You want to reach your destinations as fast as you can. That’s why BMW ConnectedDrive offers Speed Limit Info – to make sure you stay within the legal speed limits. A camera installed close to the rear view mirror not only keeps a wary electronic eye on permanent traffic signs, but also on variable Speed Limit Info on gantries above the road. Together with the information already supplied by your navigation system, it ensures a reliable display of speed limits and other additional traffic warnings like ‘when wet’. Either distinctly on the instrument cluster display. Or, as an alternative option, in the Head-Up Display. Important information that keeps you feeling safe and secure on the road: with Speed Limit Info from BMW ConnectedDrive, you can always drive as fast as you can and as fast as you may. Approach Control Warning- You are not alone on the road. You also have to pay attention to the behavior of other road users. But, of course, you can’t concentrate fully on everything around you all the time. So what happens, for instance, when the vehicle in front of you suddenly brakes at the very same moment as you are distracted? BMW ConnectedDrive offers effective assistance at all times. When approach control warning is activated and a vehicle ahead of you suddenly brakes, your BMW reacts immediately. In stage 1, it sends you an optical warning; in stage 2 – if you haven’t reacted – an acoustic signal calls your attention to the situation. And if you still haven’t reacted and braked, your BMW will do it for you: with a deceleration of up to 3 meters per second squared, the system initiates a braking procedure. BMW ConnectedDrive only takes control of your driving at the decisive moment – when accident prevention is the issue. What a wonderful feeling when you can really rely on something that’s out there totally for your safety and wellbeing. Park Distance Control- Parking is not necessarily one of the most enjoyable parts of driving. Above all, the search for a suitable place to park can absolutely ruin your good mood within a few minutes. Of course, BMW Connected Drive can’t guarantee you a free parking space, but at least it makes finding one much easier. And getting your BMW into the parking space is now much easier than ever before. Too short. Too tight. Maybe another drive around the block in the hope of finding a bigger space somewhere along the way – one that won’t need much maneuvering to get into. It’s always the same story, possibly even every day. That is, if you don’t rely on Park Assistant from BMW ConnectedDrive. Even the search for a suitable parking space is made as easy as possible: at a speed of 35 km/h and a maximum distance of 1.5 meters to the row of parked cars, the ultrasonic sensors of your BMW show you every suitable space on your Control Display as you drive past. Pick one of the spaces displayed, put your BMW in reverse, take your hands from the wheel and, with the exception of accelerator and brakes, your BMW will take care of everything else. Park Assistant steers and the acoustic and optical directions of Park Distance Control (PDC) navigate your BMW into the space with a precision that can be measured in centimeters. Unimaginable until now – but parking really can be a pleasure Advanced Aerodynamics- With a drag coefficient of just cw 0.34, the BMW X6 sets new standards in its class – thanks to the wind tunnel tests that accompanied development from the very start. From the underlying concept to the countless details, such as rear lights with integrated trailing edges, the integrated spoiler in the front wheel arches, an almost entirely smooth underside and electric air vent controls, everything has been designed for lower consumption and emissions − and improved driving dynamics Brake Energy Regeneration- Braking used to mean energy loss. Brake Energy Regeneration puts an end to this − by retrieving energy during braking and using it to charge the battery. As soon as the driver’s foot leaves the accelerator, the generator is engaged and converts excess kinetic energy into electrical energy. Once the battery is fully charged, the generator is disengaged from the engine. This takes the strain off the engine and reduces emissions. At the same time, the lower fuel consumption means more power is available for acceleration. Air-Vent Control- Improved aerodynamics and shorter cold-run phases: the air vents between the double-kidney grille and the radiator reduce fuel consumption and emission levels from the moment you start driving. Normally the air vents are kept closed and direct the air flow around the radiator to improve aerodynamics. When the radiator is no longer needed, the engine management system opens the vents. The vents are also closed for cold starts. Engine oil and catalytic converters reach their operating temperature faster and the fuel-air mix burns more efficiently, which preserves the engine and significantly reduces emissions.

Why Rent the BMW X6 xDrive35i from LA Luxury Car Rental

LA Luxury Car Rental feel that our clients should rent a Luxury or Exotic car the way they would purchase it. This is why we offer a BMW X6 that is loaded. Enjoy all the basic features that this Luxury SUV Rental offers along with the best extra optional equippment that are over looked by our competition! We offer more than your average Luxury Car Rental Company