Range Rover Sport Supercharged ’12 (archive)

MSRP ($)


Acceleration (0-60mph)

Top Speed (mph)




4 Wheel Drive


USB, Radio

  • 2012 Model
  • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 5.0L Supercharged V8
  • 5 Seats
  • 4 Doors
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Power Sunroof
  • GPS Navigation System
  • iPod Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Rear View Camera
  • Park Distance Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Leather Interior
  • Power Seats
  • Premium Sound
  • Heated Seats
  • Ventilated Seats

Why Choose the Range Rover Sport Supercharged as your Luxury SUV Rental in California, Nevada, or Arizona?

The Range Rover Sport Supercharged has been recreated by Land Rover and LA Luxury Car Rental is proud to offer our clients the most advanced Range Rover for Rent. The Sport Supercharged is equipped with a new V8 5.0 Liter Supercharged Engine producing an Insane 510 Horsepower. The Range Rover Sport Supercharged, is basically a Sport Utility Vehicle, with all the luxury features of any luxury sedan rental, and the off road practicality that you can expect from a Land Rover. The New Range Rover Sport Supercharged is definitely the best SUV amongst Land Rovers SUV lineup. La Luxury Car Rental will deliver your Range Rover rental to you anywhere in California, Nevada, or Arizona.

This New Range Rover Sport Supercharged has more to offer its renter than just a massive engine producing outstanding horsepower and torque, it has all the luxury features you can wish for. The renter of this Sport Supercharged can connect his/her iPod to the car and enjoy their favorite music playlist through the cars 480 WATT Harmon Kardon Premium Sound System. The Range Rovers iPod integration System works with iPods and iPhones and it will completely take over the music and allow you to easily control it from the car. The Sport Supercharged also offers an advanced Touch Screen GPS Navigation Feature which gives you turn by turn Directions, along with voice guidance and a detailed map appears on the screen. The Navigation System is preloaded with a Massive Points of Interest Database making it easy to find the nearest restaurants, shopping malls, or even gyms. LA Luxury Car Rental’s Range Rover Sport Supercharged also includes Rear Seat Entertainment System. RSE makes Long trips a breeze because of the 2 Television LCD Screens that are mounted behind the front seats, and the 6 Disc DVD Changer located in the trunk. The passengers sitting in the back row of the Range Rover can enjoy Movies, while the Driver and Front Passenger enjoy music from the cars audio system because of the included premium headset that come with your luxury suv rental.

The Range Rover Sport Supercharged is a massive upgrade from the older Supercharged because of its new features, new engine, and the handling and performance. The Range Rover Sport Supercharged is equipped with Land Rovers new Dynamic Response Suspension System which automatically detects cornering and adjusts the anti roll bars accordingly. This guarantees better body control and handling along tight bends and more comfort for the driver and passengers.

La Luxury Car Rental’s Sport Supercharged makes for an amazing Luxury SUV Rental experience and it is offered in all cities throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. Whether you are flying into Orange County Airport (SNA), staying at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, or Looking to rent the Range Rover to get you from San Francisco to Los Angeles, LA Luxury Car Rental can assist you. We have the Newest Range Rover Sport Supercharged, and all the Great Features that Land Rover offers. Don’t waste time, Book Now!

What the Range Rover Sport Supercharged has to offer as your Exotic SUV Rental in California, Nevada, or Arizona?

· GPS Navigation System- The Range Rover Sport Supercharged Rental includes Land Rover’s newest Touch Screen GPS Navigation System. Includes New Points of Interest Database, Voice Guided Turn by Turn Directions, and Full Screen Map with Zoom Feature

· Portable Audio Interface- The New Range Rover Sport Supercharged offers iPod Connection, and Integration to your Range Rover Rental. Includes the ability to search for tracks, or playlists through the Touch Screen. Very easy to use and when you Rent a Range Rover from LA Luxury Car Rental we will gladly walk you through how to use this feature

· Bluetooth Connectivity- LA Luxury Car Rental wants you to be safe when renting a luxury car from us therefore our Range Rover Sport has Bluetooth Handsfree Technology. Enables the Renter to Connect their cell phone to the car and speak handsfree. Synchronizes contacts, and last dialed numbers.

· Voice Control- Allows the Renter to make calls via speaking the name of the contact. Works when the renters cell phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth

· Rear Seat Entertainment- The Range Rover Sport Supercharged for Rent by LA Luxury Car Rental offers the Land Rover Optional Feature Rear Seat Entertainment. RSE is a DVD Entertainment system for the back row passengers. RSE comes with 2 Screens, and a 6 Disc DVD Changer

· Harmon Kardon Premium Sound System- LA Luxury Car Rental’s Range Rover Sport Supercharged is equipped with the Land Rover optional Harmon Karden Premium Audio System including 13 Speakers producing a powerful 480 WATTS of Sound. Enjoy listening to your favorite music with the Range Rover Rentals 3D Sound.

· Vision Assist Package- La Luxury Car Rental’s Range Rover Sport Supercharged us fitted with the New Vision Assist Package. Vision Assist includes Auto Focus Xenon Headlights, and Surround Camera’s which can be viewed from the central scree. They assist with parking and reversing.

· Backup Camera- Your Range Rover Rental includes a Backup Camara which makes error almost impossible when reversing. When the Renter puts the Range Rover Sport Supercharged into Reverse the Screen automatically displays a the Backup Camera to show you exactly what’s going on behind you.

· Park Distance Control- With the Rental of this Range Rover Sport you get front and rear PDC, a helpful feature when parking, which beeps as you get closer to a vehicle in front or behind you.

· Adaptive Cruise Control- Adaptive Cruise Control is an amazing feature that comes with your Range Rover Rental. ACC offers the driver a confortable drive by using radar to match the speed of the vehicle ahead of the Range Rover. The Driver selects a gap and the car radars 10 times a second to keep that gap.

· Heated Seats- The Supercharged Range Rover Sport is fitted with Heated Seats. Heated Seats allow its renter the comfort of warmth in chilly weather or to sooth the muscle during a long Drive.

· Power Sunroof- The Sport Supercharged is equipped with a full power sunroof so you can enjoy the breeze even in your SUV rental.

· Leather Interior- The Range Rover Sport Supercharged has a luxurious leather interior. Enjoy the comfort of Leather Seats with your Range Rover Rental.