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For fast delivery of your luxury and exotic car or suv rentals to your home, office, hotel, airport or any place of your choice in Burbank, CA, simply select ‘Los Angeles’ in the rate quote box on the right and complete the reservation process.

LA Luxury Car Rental offers :
A Luxury and Exotic Car Collection.
Luxury and Exotic Car and Suv Rentals in Burbank, CA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
One way luxury and exotic car return throughout California, Nevada, or Arizona, USA
Luxury is truly at your fingertips!



L.A. Luxury Car Rentals offers our exclusive clientele exotic door to door car rentals throughout numerous Californian cities, Burbank being one of them. The city of Burbank is a pleasant place to spend a weekend away.

Burbank has various hotels that range from luxury to boutique to simply serene and convenient. Whether you stay at the Marriott Burbank Airport or the Safari Inn a Coast Hotel, L.A. Luxury Car Rentals promises an exotic car delivered to your door. We have a luxurious fleet of cars such as the sleek and beautiful BMW 328i convertible and the purely luxurious Mercedes S550 to satisfy your exotic car needs.

To begin with, Burbank offers tours of nearby studios such as NBC Studios, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers. You can be fortunate to see where the most noted television series or movies are created.

Burbank is also a quick drive to some of the captivating attractions in California. Hire a car from L.A. Luxury Car Rentals to arrive in ease wherever you choose to go. Drive your children to Disneyland in a Cadillac Escalade ESV, or tour Hollywood with a Ferrari 360 Modena. A visit to Beverly Hills with a Porsche Cayenne to lighten your pockets at the decadent stores is always an option!

There are countless restaurants to dine at in Burbank, that it becomes somewhat overwhelming. Burbank offers reasonably priced menus that all age groups can enjoy. Take your kids to Bob’s Big Boy or Olive Garden or have a romantic dinner at Castaway. No matter what you choose, L.A. Luxury Car Rentals guarantee that you will arrive in pure luxurious comfort.

L.A. Luxury Car Rentals is proud to introduce you to this incredible city. Our business leaves a luxurious mark with our exotic rentals where ever we go, and with your support we can leave our memories in a city underestimated – Burbank.



Luxury and Exotic Car and Suv Rentals in Burbank, CA … Delivered !
LA Luxury Car Rental strives to ensure that all our customers enjoy our concierge luxury and exotic car and suv delivery and pick up service in Burbank, CA. With LA Luxury Car Rental, customers need not wait in long queues or wait for shuttles – your luxury and exotic car or suv rental will be delivered to you.

Luxury and Exotic Rent a Car Collection in Burbank, CA
Our Car Collection satisfies all luxury and exotic rental car and suv needs in Burbank, CA. Whether you are in the mood for an exotic sports car rental like the Aston Martin V8 Vantage or a luxury SUV rental like the Range Rover Sport Supercharged, LA Luxury Car Rental has a rent a car collection to satisfy all.

One-way Luxury and Exotic Car and Suv Rentals in Burbank, Los Angeles County, CA
LA Luxury Car Rental offers a prime service – One way luxury and exotic car and suv rentals. You can have your luxury car hire delivered to you in Burbank, CA, and picked up from you upon your return from anywhere you prefer within California, Nevada and Arizona, USA

After Hours Luxury and Exotic Auto Rentals in Burbank, CA
LA Luxury Car Rental delivers your car rental in Burbank, CA according to your schedule, ensuring that your luxury auto is not only luxurious but convenient as well. Our prize is customer satisfaction and we guarantee that all customers are wholly satisfied!


Airports Served in Burbank, CA.

BUR – Bob Hope Airport